We have two people here at TheNortheastLife, each of us having full time jobs. As many of you already know, we created this site as a way of serving our often overlooked communities that make up the Northeast. When COVID reached not just the shores of the United States, but struck the greater Northeast with its epicenter in neighboring Montgomery County, we knew that we had to help out. Working in healthcare, we already had ourselves on the front lines. But with our website and social media pages we knew we could do more.

Therefore, back when Governor Wolf and Mayor Kenney closed down most businesses and put the region on lockdown, we reached out to local establishments that remained open for take out and delivery. We wanted to help them: to list them as open. We wanted to have one clean site where people could go to find out who is open. Others have done similar, and no doubt more will come. But we see this as our part in helping our greater community. From places like the Grey Lodge Pub to Gallo’s Seafood to Stella’s Pizza, many places remain open. Sure, hours often have changed as have processes for pick up, but we can support these places.

In posting places, we do ask that someone from the establishment reach out. In these uncertain times we do not want to list a place as open when it may in fact have other plans, such as reduced hours or even a temporary closure. We can and will all get through this together! Stay well, and thanks for following!