COVID-19: a Year Later!

Just about a year ago I remember reading about an outbreak of COVID-19 in Seattle, overwhelming their hospitals. With so little information about the disease they struggled with how to handle it. The president had cutoff travel with much of Asia and Europe and now the dreaded illness had reached our shores. What seems obvious in hindsight then happened: it spread across the country. In fairly swift fashion governors and mayors began to lock down, mandating masks and closing places of large public congregation: stadiums, restaurants, schools, and such. Working from home became the norm for many, and those on the front lines got recognized as heroes.

As bloggers we wanted to help those places most heavily hit by the virus. Lock downs and stay at home orders meant that many previously thriving businesses would immediately face a drop in income. We offered to advertise any local business, free of charge, on our website, instagram, and facebook pages. Did it help? Truthfully, I don’t know. But I do consider it a win if even one person acted on even one advertisement.

Now, with three approved vaccines, the end to the pandemic seems within reach. Though with lives lost and many businesses shuttered, this virus has been devastating. I will miss places like the Grey Lodge Pub, where one could sit and drink a pint of beer while enjoying good food and fun company. Soul Rebel Cucina, with their gigantic burritos and fresh guacamole; and China Bowl with their laid back atmosphere and fresh food–all will be missed.

One business owner put it to me this way: a hurricane may topple many trees, but after it passes need seedlings sprout up and grow in their place. We have already started to see this. In place of the former Puddin’s Bakery opened a new bakery: Awesome Little Cupcakes. Replacing the closed Pizza Hut on Frankford Avenue in Mayfair is El Azteca. And in a long empty storefront on Welsh Road is Scoop Waffles Ice Cream Parlor.

I will miss those longstanding giant trees, but I look forward to the seedlings growing in their absence!