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Would you believe that only two people run this website? That’s right: two! Between us, we have lived the Northeast for decades. We have watched neighborhoods of the Northeast change, some for the better and some facing problems never foreseen. As two folks who live in the Northeast, one on each side of the Boulevard (neat, right?), we want to cover the greatness that we see in Northeast Philadelphia, as well as the potential we see for it.

We receive no compensation for our work. We do this to make a point. In an area larger than the city of Pittsburgh, and with much diversity to it, many in the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs essentially shrug when referencing this large area. Others, unfortunately, even refer to it with disdain! In fact this lead to a movement to separate the Northeast from the City of Philadelphia back in the early 1990s (spoiler alert: it failed!). Each neighborhood of the Northeast has its own unique identity. Sure, some stand out more so than others, and not all for good reasons, but would you judge a city like New Orleans, or Tampa by the reputation of just one of its many neighborhoods? We’d like to think not, and we treat Northeast Philadelphia the same.

We tend to keep ourselves out of our photos and posts. We focus on the subject of our posts, not ourselves. Our largest following is on Instagram, although another sizable following on Facebook. In the rare event that someone specifically invites us to their establishment we will tag the social media post with #influencer. We don’t do this because it results in an automatic positive post, rather we do it because we believe that people should have the right to know if a post may in some way be influenced by the owner or manager. We like to think we are fair, but we recognize the allure of free food, as rare as it may be.

We post only what we believe to be true. We admit that at times we track down what ends up being false information (specifically trying to track the historical lineage of one famous pizza place down the shore, and we continue to apologize for the error!). We also only post our honest opinions. A restaurant may have great wings but lousy pizza: if we only tasted the wings we can’t comment on what we didn’t try.

Feel free to reach out with suggestions, comments, or criticisms. Remember, we may like the Northeast, but we don’t actually represent it in the political sense. Don’t forget the 311 app, your neighborhood politicians, and such! We are just two people with little sway, those are the folks who actually get things done!

Thanks again for following!